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Updated: Nov 24, 2018

The high holidays are here, and you need to find a gift for your favorite stoners and cannabis enthusiasts! Let the Magic of Cough Country guide you to the promised land! Here are our Top Ten Gift ideas for 2018! #OneLove #CoughCountry #420Holidays

We will save the best for last and start by unwrapping a couple stocking stuffer items:

10. Koko Nuggz Chocolates:

These NON-MEDICATED chocolates look amazingly like the real thing! There's no cannabis in these chunky nuggets but the look and fantastic packaging of these premium chocolates will convince any stoner you are eating BUD! Koko Nuggz chocolates come in all size packages from small dime bags to 1 oz bags to glass jars and even pound bags.

With 10 flaves ranging from Banana OG and Cookies & Cream to Holygod Red Velvet Cake and Strawberry Shortcake - there's something for everybody. Of note - they also make a "Barewood Candy Blunt" made from French rolled wafers, milk chocolate, gram crackers and nutella.

For a gift we recommend either the 4.5 oz glass jar or 8 oz plastic jar of your favorite flavor for $22-24.

9. NO GOO :

We love NO GOO products here at Cough Country! We have four gift ideas here between $10-$25. First up is our Editor's Pick for Stocking Stuffer - The "Dab"station! This little rig is so cool, comes in four color options, holds two oil containers and your tools: $16!

The Honey Pot is perfect for your Honey Oil Pooh bear and comes in at unbeatable $10.

Get a 5-pack of Made in USA multi-color containers for $20 or upgrade to glow in the dark. And, for the heads, the 7x7 Slab-It-In Tray; perfect for wax slabs, platinum cured silicone that can seal or split into two separate trays.

8. Earthly Body Skin Care Hemp Seed Lotion & Full Hemp Seed Line

Earthly Body Skin Care Hemp Seed Lotion is one of the best lotions I have ever used. Superiorly crafted and divinely scented with the purest ingredients. The entire HEMP SEED line is amazing and you'll want to try them all! Along with the Hand & Body lotion, they also make: Body Mist ($12), Shower Gel ($11), Massage Oil ($6-$19), Skin Butter, and a 3-in-1 Massage Candle (both $16).

Our cannabis gift recommend is the 16 oz large pump bottle of hand & body lotion for $18, all the scents are tantalizing, but we are going with "Moroccan Nights". This nutrient-dense mix of hemp seed and argan oil is the ultimate vitalizing lotion you have been looking for and an ideal way to get the essential Omega oil benefits of Hemp Seed direct to your skin. My personal go-to lotion for the last two years. Highest recommendation.

Earthly Body also makes a CBD Daily line of hair care products: check out their shampoo and conditioner.

7. SANTA CRUZ Shredders: JUMBO Grinder Made in USA

We are all used to "standard" sized grinders which SEEM like they are the "right size". Well, the first time I saw this JUMBO grinder sitting on a friends table, I thought it looked "huge". But when I picked it up - perfection! I wanted one instantly. The JUMBO size actually fits in your palm like a glove, and you will find yourself thinking - "THIS should be the standard size of all grinders!" Many color options available, around $120.

6. COUGH COUNTRY: Citizens VIP Membership Package & Classic OG Hoodie

We think our Citizens VIP limited Edition Black Card makes an ideal gift at $4.20 and free shipping to your gift recipient. This 2019 year membership gets 20% off the entire store all year, exclusive content, a welcome package, vinyl decal, stickers, and more.

The Classic OG Hoodie is our all-time best seller. This heavyweight hoodie will keep you warm and toasted. We also just released a Reverse OG Green version for the Holiday 2018 season.



The Smoke Buddy is availble in over 21 colors and specialty looks

The tried and true, life-saving, personal air filter - The Smoke Buddy allows conscious herb smokers to "Keep Your Smoke To Yourself". Simply exhale into one end and the smoke is filtered and odor eliminated! Easy! The original Smoke Buddy is now available in over 21 colors.

Our Holiday Gift recommend is the Bundle of an Original SB with an additional Junior Size (portable) for $29. Also comes with a little Smoke Buddy figurine key chain. All color options are available for the bundle deal.

4. Secret Stash Underwear - Speak Easy Briefs & Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash

Underwear and Socks are always Holiday staples, but how about some undercover stash undies? Speak Easy briefs are underwear with a stash pocket put at the best spot possible. These are often marketed for use with flasks, money, or condoms. But the herbalist in me sees many applications for these stealth jockey shorts. A single pair goes for $24. And there is a 3 pack for $60.

Speak Easy guarantee: 100% guaranteed to be the most comfortable and functional underwear you've ever worn or we'll happily refund your purchase.

Our second item in this category is the Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash $14.

While not offering as much pocket as the Speak Easy briefs, this covert bra stash will serve any undercover or security minded sister well. Also perfect for money, credit cards, and your VIP Cough Country Citizen card. Two easy ways to configure and snap it on. Available in black or pink satin. Silky smooth, breathable, washable, natural silk with a moisture resistant lining.

I think I see something over there! Lets get into those bigger presents! Here's our top 3:

3. SKUNK BAGS: 100% Smell-proof bags of all designs

The entire SKUNK BAGS line are all worth checking out as they have a size and shape to fit every conceivable need. Great price points for all items, and gifts can be gotten for as low as $12-15. We like the Zip Pouch at $15. We love the Sidekick at $45 (see picture above with oil containers) and its slightly larger cousin the Pilot is a top pick at $79. Both the sidekick and pilot are padded bags. See the Pilot featured here:

The SKUNK Pilot is a padded 10" x 7.5" x 3" travel case for all your gear, goods, devices, and tools. It is 100% smell proof with a maximum potency carbon filter. All Skunk bags feature a combination lock and double waterproof locking zipper. Interior zipper compartments and removable foam dividers.

Another great gift idea from Skunk is the PAX Case for use with a PAX Vaporizer. The case is water and air tight and comes with two stash containers. $24

2. OTTO by Banana Bros - Rolling the perfect joint is automatic - BEST of 2018!

"Making it take it easy"

You just need to SEE this one:

The war between humans and robots has ended, and the best possible outcome for all has been reached - they will roll perfect joints for us! BANANA BROS sublime and game changing automatic grinder and joint roller signals that the future has indeed arrived. Having made many best-of lists, getting rave reviews, winning "Best Electronic Grinder of 2018" from The Vape Guide, and generally blowing everybody away that experiences it. The OTTO is one of those products that just about everybody says "I WANT THAT!"

The unit is slightly larger and more robust than you make think at first from looking at a picture with no references. The Vape Guide award -winning review also stated the grinder itself is perfect for preparing your flower for any vaporizer as well because of how fine it grinds. Check a better size reference here:

There is a case available for $34, but the must-have accessory is the official

Banana Bros Premium Pre-Rolled Cones - 120 Standard King Sized are $40.

1. LEVO II : Welcome to the Infusion Revolution

"Infusion Made Simple". There are two models to this innovative device, and both will infuse. However, the LEVO II has three settings, the added two being: drying,(awesome addition for all types of herbs) and activating (making it an all-in-one decarb device as well).

The Levo I is $150 and the new Levo II is $350.

This device unlocks WORLDS of opportunities. I am going to quote from LEVOs mission statement here:

At LEVO, we’re passionate about discovering natural paths to wellness, especially by making DIY more accessible. Infusing at home, with fresh ingredients, unlocks a myriad of custom recipes – from marinades to lip balm – that optimize the benefits of wholesome herbs. Our products empower you to choose each of your ingredients and give you the utmost control in what you consume.

The process of herbal infusion has been utilized for centuries among some of the world’s earliest civilizations for cooking and medicinal practice. Today, it’s often found behind-the-scenes as the secret sauce of restaurant chefs and your favorite skincare brands. By extracting the components of the whole plant, the full spectrum of superior nutritional, therapeutic and medicinal benefits of infusions can be realized.

LEVO automates all the processes you don't really want to deal with when infusing. It eliminates a ton of the mess. It opens up your time and mind for creativity instead of the mundane tasks. If you thought you wanted a magic butter machine for all this time and never got one. Well, your laziness paid off! Now you can get a better machine and do even LESS work!

The Levo II comes in 5 different color options and is the must have item for cannabis and herbal pioneers everywhere for 2019.

We hope you enjoyed Cough Country's 2018 Cannabis Christmas and High Holidays Gift Guide! We wish you all a joyous season and the Happiest of New Years If you have any suggestions, cool accessory additions, or products we should know about - drop us a line today, we would love to hear from you. Or sign up for free and become a Cough Country Citizen and start joining the conversation on our forums!

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