Cough Country USA is a lifestyle brand celebrating the transformation of the cannabis subculture into mainstream acceptance. Our Citizens want to put an end to the stigmatization of cannabis and bring back the normalcy that was common prior to prohibition! And they are not ashamed to let the message be loud and clear!

Citizens do not want to be put into a preconceived category regarding their choice to medicate intelligently. Citizens do not want to see good, outstanding people go to prison because of their promotion of cannabis. Citizens do not want to see children and sick people suffer because of an out-of-touch government.

Our Citizens want to stand up and be heard! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We use cannabis, we love cannabis, we are healed by cannabis, we support cannabis!



Philly Fill is the driving force behind Cough Country and takes his role as "Founding Father" very seriously.


Poppy Happy Face.jpg
Poppy Palermo


Poppy Palermo is the reason Phil and Scott stay on track and the Unrivaled Queen of Cough Country.  


Scott Stoner

Senior Advisor

  Scott left the non-Cannabis Industry after meeting Phil and Poppy and will be here for as long as Phil and Poppy can tolerate his "High-energy".